Sat, Sept 21st: When the Punishment IS a Crime: A Forum on Solitary Confinement (Philadelphia)

More than 80,000 people in the US are held in solitary confinement, often for months or years, some for more than 25 years.

Hear from people with a long experience organizing against solitary confinement. Learn what is being done to stop this and what YOU can do!

Refreshments and childcare provided.


Ojore Lutalo, former political prisoner in solitary confinement for 20 years
Bonnie Kerness, American Friends Service Committee
Theresa Shoatz, daughter of political prisoner, Russell Maroon Shoatz

Take Action in support of CA prison hunger strikers

If you heard me today on Take Action News and want to take action in support of the California prison hunger strikers, you can sign this petition to Governor Jerry Brown (who has yet to publicly acknowledge, let alone issue a statement about the strike).

new on Truthout: Gang Instigation Alleged in CA Prison Hunger Strike; Force-Feeding Possible

My latest article on the California prison hunger strike went up on Truthout. You can read it here:

For previous pieces on the hunger strike, see (in reverse chrnological order):

CA lawmakers seek safeguards against sterilization of imprisoned women

This story came out last week while I was on the road, but it's worth noting so if you haven't heard or read about it already:

Top state lawmakers pledged today to pursue legislation to prevent sterilization abuses in prisons.

Sen. Loni Hancock, chairwoman of the Public Safety Committee, made the announcement during a packed hearing at the State Capitol.

statement of solidarity with Pelican Bay hunger strikers from Central CA Women's Facility

Statement of Solidarity on behalf of those at CCWF organizing and participating in solidarity actions with hunger strikers

We, the women of CCWF, many of us who have friends and family members in the SHU, are helping support the men on Hunger Strike. We are fasting once a week on Fridays and doing a prayer walk every Friday at 7PM. We walk and pray at the same time for the men who are suffering from unfair treatment. They are already paying for the crimes they committed.

32 years on a 7-to-life sentence is enough! Write Governor Brown supporting parole for Joy Cordes

from Diana Block of California Coalition of Women Prisoners:

I have visited Joy Cordes at CCWF for years. After going to the Parole Board over a dozen times, Joy was finally found suitable for parole in May. Her parole date will be going to Governor Brown for approval sometime in September. Please take a minute to sign the attached letter and either fax or mail to the Governor. If you can help circulate it, that would be great also. Thank you on behalf of Joy!


Governor Jerry Brown
State Capitol

California Coalition for Women Prisoners seeks testimony and information about women & trans prisoners and solitary confinemen

California Coalition for Women Prisoners is planning the next issue of our Fire Inside newsletter on solitary confinement and its specific impact on women and trans prisoners. There is increased national attention about the widespread, cruel and unusual use of prolonged solitary confinement in US prisons and Guantanamo, mainly due to the hunger strikes that prisoners have been undertaking to make this visible.

NYC! Thurs, September 26, 7 pm

Thursday, September 26th, 7 pm

Bluestockings Bookstore, 172 Allen Street, NYC

Leftist and Anti-Capitalist Writers: How Do You Know If Your Work Is Making a Difference?

Freelancers, bloggers, independent writers: In the spectrum between Art and Politics, where do you fit? At what point might your work stop being considered as writing and become more like organizing?

Fighting for Lynne Stewart and Herman Wallace

by Laura Whitehorn

summer issue of TENACIOUS is here

TENACIOUS #29 is here!

If you've been following California's prison crises in the news, read the voices and experiences that don't make the headlines. 48 pages of writings and (some) art by women imprisoned across the country include:

  • A look at California's overcrowded prison system by a woman caught within;
  • Asking for preventive care?

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