June 20th: Women Action Media! conference in NYC

Come catch me at the Women Action Media! conference in NYC. I'll be on two panels, so you have two opportunities to see me.

WAMWAM Navigating Gender in Prison Reporting
11 am to 12 pm

As mass incarceration enters mainstream discussions and the political debate, more outlets are willing--if not eager--to publish stories about incarceration and its effects. What are some of the challenges of reporting on prisons and incarceration? How can journalists include the voices and stories of those who have direct experience in ways that aren't exploitative, dehumanizing or demeaning? And how can stories incorporate gender so that masculine isn't the default when writing about prisons? Join Vikki Law, Liliana Segura, Sharona Coutts and Aviva Stahl.

I'll also be moderating a discussion with Sarah Maslin Nir:
The Making of “Unvarnished” with Sarah Maslin Nir, moderated by Victoria Law
1-2 pm
When investigating hidden injustices, how do you build trust with people who have little to gain--and nearly everything to lose?

Sarah Maslin Nir's "Unvarnished," her two-part report exposing the hazards of New York's nail salon industry, caused a huge stir among both the public and the politicians within hours of publication. Within days, New York governor Andrew Cuomo ordered emergency protections for nail salon workers while hundreds of people began distributing fliers and talking to workers about their rights.

Join us as she discusses her experiences during her 13-month investigation.

Saturday, June 20th
Women Action Media! conference Barnard College, Diana Center
3009 Broadway, New York City

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