What You Should Know About Pregnancy & Parenting While Watching Orange is the New Black

I've written a short listicle and two more in-depth articles on pregnancy and parenting in women's prisons to coincide with the release of Orange is the New Black.

If you want the in-a-nutshell version, check out my listicle on Bitchmedia:
Before You Binge Watch Orange is the New Black, Here Are 5 Facts to Know About Pregnancy in Prison.

For a more in-depth look at two of the (many) challenges to having a healthy pregnancy behind bars (and a sneak peek of some of the investigative reporting I've been doing over the past 6 months), check out:
How Real is Orange is the New Black's Take on Prison Pregnancy? for In These Times.

And because reproductive justice isn't only about pregnancy and babies that are just born and because currently and formerly incarcerated mothers do fight for their rights and organize to fight devastating policies:
Dilemma Faced in 'Orange is the New Black' All Too Real for Mothers Behind Bars, RH Reality Check.