Tenacious: a zine of Art & Writings by Women in Prison

Tenacious is a zine filled with articles, essays, poetry and art by formerly and currently incarcerated women across the United States. Their works cover subjects like the health care (or lack of health care) system, being HIV-positive inside prison, trying to get an education while in prison, sexual harassment by prison staff and general prison conditions, and giving up children for adoption 1

The idea for Tenacious originated with several women incarcerated in Oregon in 2003. However, people inside prisons do not have access to printers, copy machines, massive amounts of postage and all the stuff that zinemakers on the outside may take for granted. So they approached me and asked if I would be the outside publisher. How could I say no?

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Issue 37 is hot off the copying machine!

17 women in prisons across the United States share their stories and experiences of life behind bars. Middle-aged women recount arriving in prison as teenagers and how they got through the initial hopelessness and despair; a teen writes about turning 19 in solitary confinement; trans women share their experiences of being locked in a men's prison; and more.

Issue 36 still available!

Recognizing that at least 80% of women in prison are mothers, this is the annual Mother's Day issue. Ten women imprisoned across the country share their experiences behind bars.

You can order at the link above or, for each issue, send $5 in well-concealed cash or a check made out to V. LAW to:
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  • 1. Under the 1996 Federal Adoption and Safe Families Act, if a child is in foster care for 15 of the past 22 months, the state automatically terminates the parent’s legal rights. Many women in prison have sentences far exceeding 15 months AND the majority of them were single parents before entering prison.