statement of solidarity with Pelican Bay hunger strikers from Central CA Women's Facility

Statement of Solidarity on behalf of those at CCWF organizing and participating in solidarity actions with hunger strikers

We, the women of CCWF, many of us who have friends and family members in the SHU, are helping support the men on Hunger Strike. We are fasting once a week on Fridays and doing a prayer walk every Friday at 7PM. We walk and pray at the same time for the men who are suffering from unfair treatment. They are already paying for the crimes they committed. The SHU is cruel and unusual punishment and us, humans are entitled to have contact with other humans. The law says people can't be in solitary confinement for too long. The law is breaking it's own law! We at CCWF got together and put out flyers for all the people here to stand up and join the people in the SHU and help reach their demands. This issue affects all of us.

(courtesy of California Coalition for Women Prisoners

For my background on the 2013 California prisoner hunger strike, see:


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