summer issue of TENACIOUS is here

TENACIOUS #29 is here!

If you've been following California's prison crises in the news, read the voices and experiences that don't make the headlines. 48 pages of writings and (some) art by women imprisoned across the country include:

  • A look at California's overcrowded prison system by a woman caught within;
  • Asking for preventive care? One woman can't get the care that would have kept her out of prison;
  • A mother's fight to keep custody of her children and what Washington's new Children of Incarcerated Parents bill will mean for incarcerated parents in that state;
  • Trans in prison? Go to solitary and stay in solitary;
  • When Illinois closed Dwight Correctional Center, it moved the women within to Logan Correctional Center. One woman recounts the move and their current treatment;
  • Working in prison? In one prison, top pay is $5 a day, but only if you get the best job. Otherwise, you'll make $2.40 a day instead;
  • What does life outside feel like after 12 years inside prison?
  • and more!
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V. Law
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Your $3 supports sending free issues to incarcerated women across the United States.

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