32 years on a 7-to-life sentence is enough! Write Governor Brown supporting parole for Joy Cordes

from Diana Block of California Coalition of Women Prisoners:

I have visited Joy Cordes at CCWF for years. After going to the Parole Board over a dozen times, Joy was finally found suitable for parole in May. Her parole date will be going to Governor Brown for approval sometime in September. Please take a minute to sign the attached letter and either fax or mail to the Governor. If you can help circulate it, that would be great also. Thank you on behalf of Joy!


Governor Jerry Brown
State Capitol
Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

Fax #: 916-558-3160

Dear Governor Brown:

I am writing to urge you to uphold the Board of Parole Hearing’s parole suitability finding for Joy Cordes, #W-15605. Joy has already served thirty-two years on a seven to life sentence and she is not the same person who entered prison. She has attended years of self-help groups, has taken numerous educational courses and has been involved consistently in spiritual retreats. She has applied all that she has learned to gain insight into her past, improve her life, and ready herself for life on the outside. She has been disciplinary-free since 1995.

Joy’s conduct and her positive attitude indicate that she has made comprehensive changes in herself since she was first incarcerated. I cannot see any justification for keeping someone like Joy in prison any longer at the taxpayers’ expense. The Board of Parole Hearings concluded that Joy does not pose a threat to public safety and is ready to resume life as a productive member of the community. Please honor their decision and uphold Joy Cordes’ release on parole.