NYC, Thurs, August 18: Undocumented Architecture

I'm thrilled to be part of the U.S. launch of Tings Chak’s Undocumented: The Architecture of Migrant Detention, a graphic novel that documents the banality and violence of Canada's immigration detention centers. We'll be discussing intersections of prison abolition and migrant justice and exploring counter-narratives that highlight resistance by incarcerated women and migrants

Undocumented explores the growing industry of immigration detention and questions the role of architectural design in such spaces. Using the conventional architectural tools of representation, Undocumented situates, spatializes, and confronts the voices of those who are detained and the anonymous individuals who design spaces of confinement. An architecturally-trained artist based in Toronto, Tings Chaks draws inspiration from anti-colonial, migrant justice, and spatial justice struggles. Undocumented grew out of the collective organizing work led by immigration detainees in the maximum-security Central East Correctional Centre and through the End Immigration Detention Network.

The discussion will be facilitated by a member of AMPLIFY(HER), the first-ever zine (self-published magazine) project by and for undocumented women from the Asian diaspora. AMPLIFY(HER) is a counter-narrative project that aims to empower and encourage women-led storytelling that is crucial to our identities and survival. AMPLIFY(HER) is a collaboration between RAISE and DRUM.

The event is free.
Asian American Writers' Workshop
110-112 W 27th Street, Suite 600, New York, New York 10001