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Mother's Day Across Bars

In honor of Mother's Day, the Prison Birth Project has put out our first video! Please take a moment to watch and learn about their work. Then share it with your friends!

Mother's Day Across Bars is a campaign to honor the many mothers in our community who live at the intersections of incarceration and motherhood.

Help Prison Birth Project raise $10,000. Prison Birth Project has been fortunate to partner with a generous donor who has offered us a matching gift opportunity.

Overcrowding in California's Women's Prisons Leads to 2 Deaths & 1 Injury in March 2013

Earlier this year, I wrote an article examining the move to further overcrowd the Central California Women's Facility (CCWF).

As a direct result of this overcrowding, at least two deaths and one serious injury have occurred at CCWF in March 2013.

NYC: make/shift Mother's Day reading at Zinc Bar

Sunday, May 12
6 pm

Stop Severing Incarcerated Parents from their Children! Take action to support SHB 1284 today!

Incarcerated parents and their children need a more fair chance to work toward reunification and safe permanency options that don't involve severing family ties forever!

On April 22, the Washington State legislature – by a near unanimous vote – passed SHB 1284 that guides the courts’ current discretion to delay termination of parental rights if the parent’s incarceration or prior incarceration is a significant factor for the child’s continued out-of-home placement, as long as the delay is in the best interest of the child.

All the bill needs to become law is the governor's



A worldwide Embrace to all of the thousands of People who helped Me ! As my hero said, we are motivated by great feelings of love and compassion and I am fortunate to be the beneficiary, this time around. To savor this victory, you all should know that the Carswell Prison authorities kept telling me " It can't be done". You don't qualify. Why bother? Wait till you are closer to death!

To all of them I replied that I have been fighting battles like this all my life and I would never quit.

Race, class & gender in the prison system (the Marc Steiner show)

Yesterday afternoon, I appeared on the Marc Steiner show yesterday as part of a radio segment examining race, class and gender in the prison system in the wake of the recent scandal at the Baltimore City Detention Center.

The show description:

We continue our conversation about the federal indictments naming 25 people including corrections officers at Baltimore City Detention Center and members of the Black Guerrilla Family with racketeering, dr

Don't Leave Your Friends Behind at NYC Anarchist Bookfair, Sat April 6 from 1-2 pm

In addition to talking about gender, incarceration and resistance, I also talk about and organize around building family-friendly, all-ages social justice movements and communities. Don't Leave Your Friends BehindDon't Leave Your Friends Behind

This Saturday afternoon, fellow PM Press author and mama Jennifer Silverman and I will be discussing ways to create family-friendly, all-ages spaces in our movements and communities as part of the

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