Mother's Day Across Bars

In honor of Mother's Day, the Prison Birth Project has put out our first video! Please take a moment to watch and learn about their work. Then share it with your friends!

Mother's Day Across Bars is a campaign to honor the many mothers in our community who live at the intersections of incarceration and motherhood.

Help Prison Birth Project raise $10,000. Prison Birth Project has been fortunate to partner with a generous donor who has offered us a matching gift opportunity. Make your donation twice by giving right now!

We have been collecting Mothers Day messages of love and solidarity! Can you take a minute now to write a note to an incarcerated mother in our programs?

PBP works with members inside and out to develop leadership, writing and facilitation skills. This work takes time, and the foundation depends on solid and authentic relationships. Mariposa, a member of Prison Birth Project’s Childbirth Education group, recently told the group:

"I’m ready to leave here and do this work. Sure I’m scared to leave this group that I trust and [that] knows me-- but I know that you all have my back wherever I am. I also feel like I know how to find these spaces now -- or create them with my friends, just talk about our health care, the way we are treated, the ways that normal things that happen to us -- they’re not normal, they are abuse and cause us pain that we need to heal from. This group has let me scream, shake, move, cry.... try to get some of that out of me, not carry everything, always. I’m thankful for that.”

PBP continues to work hard on creating a solid ground from which to build up. We do this because we know that our participation in the larger reproductive justice movement depends on our ability to work in a sustainable way and to continue building essential relationships that put the voices of those most effected at the forefront of creating long lasting change!

We need your support to continue this work. Can you help us reach our goal of $10,000 by giving generously today?

Mariposa continued: “I’m thankful I’m out of here, but my heart is with you women -- you women are strong. We have to be strong to be here and endure and then go back into the world and not be broken people. You doulas have to be strong to fight with us and always have our back. Who would have thought that we could all be this bad ass?”

We invite you to continue building with us! We will continue to have each others’ backs, we will continue to work in solidarity, to listen, and to fuel a powerful movement for lasting change.

We are so grateful for your ongoing support!

In Solidarity,
All of us at The Prison Birth Project