Policing Gender: A Dialogue at the Foundry Theatre, Wed May 14th, NYC

Policing Gender: a dialogue at the Foundry Theatre

I have the honor to be speaking alongside Kai Lumumba Barrow and Andrea Ritchie (Streetwise and Safe) on WEDNESDAY, May 14th, as part of the Foundry Dialogues.

What's gender got to do with policing and prison? Did you know that the number of women in prison is increasing at nearly double the rate for men? What does this mean? From profiling and surveillance to popular culture, how is gender constructed, reinforced and articulated through the prison industrial complex?

Wednesday, May 14th, 7 pm
The Ukranian Hall
140-142 2nd Ave, Suite 405
New York, NY 10003

Admission is free, but please space is limited, so please register here.