CALL TODAY & tell Massachusetts NO NEW JAIL for women simply awaiting trial?

Massachusetts Rep. Kay Khan of MA has introduced Bill 1434 to build a jail in Middlesex Co. for women "awaiting trial." She calls it a facility...hoping we will believe she is proposing something other than a new jail.

Attention Voters: Only the Name ChangedAttention Voters: Only the Name Changed

Please contact Kay Khan and tell her you think MA needs bail reform (as in no bail), pretrial services and alternatives to incarceration not a jail for women convicted of nothing. Contact info for Kay Khan can be found here.

The Bill will be heard in the Judiciary Committee:
If any Judiciary Committee members is your senator of rep, call them with the same message.
If not, call Eugene O'Flaherty and Gale Candaras and your rep and senator.

They need to hear from us now....before the jail is built.

Please forward this message.

The Conditioning (In a Police State)The Conditioning (In a Police State)
Top: Willie Worley, Jr's "Attention Voters: Only the Name Changed"
Bottom: Carnell Hunnicutt, Sr. "The Conditioning (In a Police State)"

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