Resistance Behind Bars enters the world of TV land

I don't have any summer public events planned for Resistance Behind Bars. It doesn't meant that I haven't been talking about issues facing people inside women's prisons though.

This past Saturday, I was on the Melissa Harris-Perry show to talk about the Pelican Bay hunger strikes, the issue of solitary confinement in general, and the sterilization of nearly 150 women in California prisons between 2006 and 2010. I diverted a little from the topics to talk about the fact that *women* are also in solitary confinement and have been (and continue to be held) in California's Security Housing Units, spending 22-23 hours a day in 7x11 foot cells and not being allowed to call their children and loved ones.

You can watch me talking about these issues here:

Segment on solitary confinement and Pelican Bay hunger strikes (with Shane Bauer, Pardiss Kebraei, and Glenn Martin):

Segment on sterilization of women prisoners:

This morning, I had a super-brief appearance (along with CCR President Jules Lobel) on MSNBC's Jansing & Co to talk about these issues:

And this Wednesday night at 8 pm EST, I'll be on Current TV's Viewpoint with John Fugelsang (and will be joined again by Jules Lobel):

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