2 presentations at the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference, Sat April 13 to Sun April 14

I'll be participating in two presentations at this year's Civil Liberties and Public Policy conference. FREE CHILDCARE IS PROVIDED THROUGHOUT THE CONFERENCE!

Birth, Parenting, Reproductive Health and the Prison Industrial Complex
Saturday, April 13th, 03:15PM -- 06:45PM

What are the realities of being incarcerated while pregnant, during childbirth, and as a parent? Birthworkers, advocates, and activists will explore the impact of incarceration on pregnant, birthing, and parenting folks and strategize about using a reproductive justice model in their work with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people – including supporting them in becoming leaders, educators, and doulas themselves.


Changing the Way We Organize: Accessible, Expansive Movements
Sunday, April 14th, 9 am to 10:30 pm

Activist communities don’t always value the experiences and leadership of people with disabilities, people who are caretakers of children or elders, people who don’t speak English, or people who don’t have access to the latest piece of technology. If we want to build a broad-based movement for justice and liberation, across many different communities we need to be able to be present and accountable to people who experience different forms of oppression and different realities than us. How do we create movements that make people feel whole, connected, and courageous? How can we support ourselves and each other in doing this work in a way that is sustainable for everyone? Come hear about different models for organizing that are making the movement more accessible and expansive for all of us.