Dede's story

While on the neverending book tour in Seattle this past November, I met Dede Adnahom. Dede is a mom of three amazing young children. She is also a dedicated activist: she is a founding member of No New Juvie, a grassroots group that fought (ultimately unsuccessfully) the building of a new juvenile prison in Seattle. She also founded Seattle Foreclosure Fighters a community group of Seattle-ites fighting to prevent foreclosure, and Who You Callin' Illegal, a group that is starting to address the intersections of mass incarceration and mass deportation.

Dede is currently facing deportation for selling $20 of crack/cocaine when she was 19 years old. None of her other actions in those ten years seem to matter to the Board of Immigration.

"It's bigger than just me," Dede told me when we talked later that month by phone. And so, to both draw attention to her case and to illustrate the bigger picture that has swept not only Dede, but hundreds of thousands of people into it, I wrote an article which Truthout published this morning.

You can read it here:

And, after you do that, if you can't do anything else, at least sign this letter to Edward Kandler at the Board of Immigration (and urge your friends to do the same).