NYC: Hidden 1970s event, Tues, 11/27, 7:30 pm, Hunter College

The New York Metro American Studies Association (NYMASA) is delighted to announce a Salon Talk

Tuesday November 27 at 7:30pm (note change of time from original schedule)

Editor Dan Berger (University of Washington, Bothell)
with contributors Vikki Law and Meg Starr

The Hidden 1970s: Histories of Radicalism

The 1970s were a complex, multilayered, and critical part of a long era of profound societal change and an essential component of the decade before— several of the most iconic events of “the sixties” occurred in the ten years that followed. The Hidden 1970s explores the distinctiveness of those years, a time when radicals tried to change the world as the world changed around them.

This powerful collection is a compelling assessment of left-wing social movements in a period many have described as dominated by conservatism or confusion. Scholars examine critical and largely buried legacies of the 1970s. The decade of Nixon’s fall and Reagan’s rise also saw widespread indigenous militancy, prisoner uprisings, transnational campaigns for self- determination, pacifism, and queer theories of play as political action. Contributors focus on diverse topics, including the internationalization of Black Power and Native sovereignty, organizing for Puerto Rican independence among Latinos and whites, and women’s self-defense. Essays and ideas trace the roots of struggles from the 1960s through the 1970s, providing fascinating insight into the myriad ways that radical social movements shaped American political culture in the 1970s and the many ways they continue to do so today.

Contributors to the volume, Meg Starr and Vikki Law, will also be on hand to discuss their essays.

Salon Talks are an opportunity for local American Studies scholars to share their published work with an intimate audience. They tend to be small, lively, and informative; light refreshments are served. This semester all Salon Talks will be held in the Faculty and Staff Lounge, on the 8th floor of the West Building, Hunter College (Lexington Avenue and 68th Street).

For directions, more information, or to rsvp, contact Sarah Chinn at sarah.chinn at