Martina Olea, survivor of trafficking and abuse, to be released from prison!!

from Deirdre Wilson at California Coalition for Women Prisoners:

Martina Olea will finally be released from prison after 23 years of incarceration. She was found suitable for parole 6 times but previous governors reversed that decision 5 times. I was blessed to know Martina's gentle nature while at CIW with her in 2003-4 and have continued to be inspired by her strength, sensitivity and resilience on visits CCWP has made to her in the past year.

Prior to her incarceration, Martina was trafficked from Mexico and horribly abused. She can now start a new chapter of life that will hopefully be filled with joy and healing. We wish you all the best, Martina!

Free Battered Women, the Habeas Project and the USC Post Conviction Justice Project have supported and represented Martina consistently. She is the 31st person to be released through the Habeas Project.

Thank you to everyone who signed petitions and letters on her behalf!