and more on women in solitary confinement (this time in a PA state prison)

from Human Rights Coalition's PA Prison Report, April 18, 2011

A woman housed in solitary confinement at the maximum security prison for women in Muncy, PA, reports repeated instances of medical deprivation by prison authorities that have led to health complications and suffering.

Cheryl Baskerville reports from the Restricted Housing Unit at SCI Muncy that she has been needing a knee replacement since entering the prison over 5 years ago, but that this has been repeatedly postponed due to skipped appointments with outside p

petition to parole Tammy Sue Walters

Note: The governor has the ability to uphold or deny the parole board's decision.

On Solitary Confinement & Finding Humanity: Susan Crane's Prison Letters, May 10 & 12, 2011

While at the Federal Detention Center (FDC) SeaTac, Sr. Anne and I were in cell 11 in one of the women’s units. Cells 2 – 10 are filled with women wearing orange, held in solitary (Special Handling Unit as it is officially named). These sisters eat all their meals alone in their cells. They get out of their cell for a 15-minute shower three times a week (M, W & F). They are offered no exercise or outside time. They not allowed to communicate with other prisoners, and we were not allowed to motion or talk to them. There is no yelling between cells.

Martori Farms: Abusive Conditions at a Key Wal-Mart Supplier

A couple of weeks ago, I reposted news about women from the Perryville Unit being forced to work at Martori Farms in Arizona.

These inhumane and abusive practices have not changed. The women have not accepted these abuses quietly. They have launched complaints to prison administrators:

"Women have made their complaints on inmate letters and verbally to the lieutenant, sergeant, captains, deputy warden, counselors, supervisors and the major.

the gates are opening! (and a petition to free Marisol Garcia)

from California Coalition for Women Prisoners:

The gates are opening!

Since Brown took office, people who have been denied for years are finally getting out of prison.

on a more hopeful (and helpful) note...women's organizing against gender violence

If we're talking about abolishing prisons, we need to also talk about how to create safety without relying on the prisons or police (or brute strength). While such a task may seem daunting, communities both past and present have stepped up to the challenge:

Where Abolition Meets Action: Women Organizing Against Gender Violence

unfortunately, sexual abuse and preventable deaths are still all-too-common in prison

from this week's Human Rights Coalition's PA Prison Report

Sexual harassment and medical neglect at women's state prison: Two recent reports from women incarcerated at SCI Muncy women's prison describe how on certain units, male prison guards are permitted to come into the bathrooms while the women are using the toilet or showering, and that shower curtains are not tall enough to maintain privacy.The women describe these policies as inappropriate and harmful to their feelings of safety and privacy.One woman reported that male guards have b

California and NY seeking to reduce prison sentencing

Shorter prison time sought for abused women in NY

Resisting Gender Violence and the Prison Industrial Complex--an interview

With all the travel, events and event-planning of the past few months, I forgot to post the interview I did with Angola 3 News. It's since been reposted in several places and even published in the January 2011 issue of Z Magazine.

audio & video for past events

Part 1 of a presentation I gave at the 3rd Annual Law & Disorder conference in Portland in 2012:
Part 2 of the presentation (which moves into present-day mass incarceration) is at:

Prisoners and Formerly Incarcerated Persons v the USA

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