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Tenacious in Zine Yearbook #9!

Stephanie Walter's essay, "Let My Voice Be Heard," (from Tenacious #11) and Yraida Guanipa's "Four Hours Home Visit" (from issue 12) have been reprinted in the latest Zine Yearbook!!

Both issues are now out of print. For those of you in NYC, Issue #11 can be found at the Barnard Zine Library.

Tenacious: Art & Writings from Women in Prison

Issue #14 of "Tenacious: Art and Writings from Women in Prison" is finally ready and includes:

*Letters, musings and poems from mothers separated from their children
*Incarcerated women's tributes to their own mothers
*Reflections on the relationships that women form while in prison
*Health care (or the lack of health care) in prison
*Fighting for clean drinking water in a Texas prison
*An open letter to the governor of Colorado about higher education programs in women's prisons
*Colorado's new prisoner farm crews

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