NYC! Thurs, Oct 17th: Perspectives on healing justice on the "inside": from prison abolition to mindfulness in prisons

Reform or revolution? Can the prison system be changed to not perpetuate harm? Yoga teachers might answer yes. Community organizers might answer no.

Do you practice yoga or meditation to sustain your work for justice? Can yoga address and heal the trauma and injustice done within prisons, and the social conditions and oppression that create the context for prisons to exist in the first place?

If you are intrigued by these questions, if you are already working in the field, please come to this Just Healing Panel (part 2 in a series of conversations on the intersection of yoga and social justice) sponsored by the Third Root Education Exchange (TREE), the Urban Sangha Project, and Charlotte's Place.

This is a panel to bring together community organizers, yoga teachers, meditators, and transformative justice workers, to talk about the intersection of the work to abolish prisons and the work to address the current trauma of incarcerated people through meditation and yoga. This is an unprecedented conversation for yoga teachers and others who attend the trainings such as the Lineage Project and others to learn about the damaging structure of the criminal punishment system as a whole-looking beyond just the individual experiences of your students to see the harm that the system as an entity creates for all. This is also for community organizers to learn more about how mindfulness techniques can help reduce stress, heal trauma, lead toward liberation, and contribute to the prison abolition movement.

Thurs, Oct 17th, 7 to 9 pm
Charlotte's Place
107 Greenwich Street, NYC
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