Prisoner Access to Media workshop at Allied Media Conference, June 22nd

I will be at this year's Allied Media Conference in Detroit discussing prisoner access to media:

While working towards the long-term goal of prison abolition, we must also take on more immediate efforts to support those silenced by incarceration. Those dedicated to independent media should consider reaching out to and collaborating with those lacking media access as a way to amplify marginalized voices and to make the movement for participatory media more inclusive. This session will include a discussion with independent media makers and prison activists on current initiatives, barriers and possibilities of media access for prisoners, sustainability and growth of prisoner-focused media.

with Kameelah Rasheed of the Building Bloc Collective, Dannette Hoarde of Women and Prison: A Site for Resistance and Anthony Rayson of the South Chicago ABC Zine Distro

also, with Mai'a Williams, I will be facilitating the Radical Parenting Caucus on Saturday, June 21st, from 12:20 to 2:10 pm:

Parents, particularly mothers, are rarely supported in their radical organizing communities. Often they are pushed away to feed, entertain and quiet their babies and children so that the "activists" can continue organizing. Radical communities reinforce patriarchy and the nuclear family when they ignore the needs and contributions of the mothers and children in their midst. What is revolutionary parenting? How do we center the needs and contributions of parents and caretakers in a sustainable way? Looking at women in the Spanish Revolution, the Zapatistas, and Incite! Women of Color Against Violence, we will: share experiences; envision what revolutionary parenting looks like as we strive to create a better world; build strategies on creating a supportive environment for mothers and caretakers in radical movements; discuss how to build support systems within one's community from non-parents/caretakers.