Prisoner Access to Media workshop coverage in Michigan Citizen

The Michigan Citizen covered our presentation on Prisoner Access to Media at this year's Allied Media Conference:

One such Sunday morning session concerned the growing prison industrial complex in the United States. Currently, one in every 100 adults is incarcerated in this country. Women are said to be the fastest growing population due to mandatory sentencing policies and the “war on drugs.”

A panel of prisoner advocates conducted a workshop, Media Access For Prisoners. The three are dedicated to various media projects which propagate the issues facing incarcerated men and women.

Victoria Law is the editor of Tenacious: Art and Writings from Women In Prison, a “zine” written by and for women in prison. She began the publication in 2002 at the behest of a group of Portland inmates who wanted their stories heard outside the confines of the institution in which they were held.

Law and the rest of the panel sited many specific issues faced by women in prison that receive less attention than those experienced by men. Women prisoners tend to have less visitors than men; mothers are only allowed to spend one day with their newborn children; and the percentage of non-violent offenses is much higher amongst the female prison population.

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